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Real Resume Information Output

Blockchain has the characteristic that the message cannot be tampered and any data change will be recorded. Due to this characteristic, job seekers dare not arbitrarily forge their resumes, thus it can urge them to provide real information from the source.

CareerOn will make automatic comparison and analysis and cross validation on the whole public blockchain after job seekers upload their resume information and give the resume authenticity grade; in addition, it will make iteration cross verifications to everyone’s information authenticity on the whole chain to gradually enhance the authenticity rate of resume information.

CareerOn will also provide basic data and big data analysis interface specific to resume authenticity; the third-party application developer may judge the resume authenticity through these interfaces. The interface may directly output background investigation results without artificial participation.

Friendly and Complete Infrastructure

SDK are packaged for convenient use with smart contract, IPFS network, whisper and other basic protocols to solve the use third-party developers’ demands of server, network, domain name, IP, storage and other resources. If they don’t know the underlying basic knowledge of CareerOn while at the same time keepingthe traditional development habits, the third-party application developers could use a quick and convenient method with an extremely low cost to access CareerOn and obtain its strong capability.

The frequency domain data watermark, encryption and decryption, data flow, right control and other complete sets of privacy control logic will adopt SDK to be open to the outside to make CareerOn the most secure third-party application and development public blockchain in the human resource industry. Meanwhile, the third-party application developers have the control over each detail of the whole process, further meeting the flexibility demand.

Token Economy System

It allows the third-party developers to issue their own digital currencies; it provides interfaces related to the digital currency transaction and wallet interfaces, to help the third-party application developers build their own human resource application value chains and promote the win-win cooperation among all participants.

Career Honor System

All the behaviors of talents and enterprises will leave marks on the public blockchain of CareerOn, and the occupational marks of talents will finally be their own honor ladders, open to everyone and exhibiting the talents’ career life in the form of career honor and resume review. In this way the career honor atmosphere is established to stimulate the parties’ enthusiastic participation. Meanwhile, it will also stimulate the talents to correctly treat their resume information, so as to reduce the possibility and motivation of resume forgery.

In such kind of strong interaction and honor motivation model, all the resume records of each talent will encourage their future development and each talent’s resume information will be more valuable through the honor transmission.

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